MARAC Strategic Plan

Adopted by Steering Committee 3 February 2012.

The MARAC Chair will review the plan annually to ensure that MARAC committees are engaged in appropriate tactics to meet our objectives.

Vision Statement

To promote and sustain the Mid-Atlantic archival community by providing exceptional and affordable conferences and professional development and educational opportunities, thereby fostering collegiality, collaboration and professionalism.

Core Values

MARAC is committed to:

  • Promoting and upholding professional standards, practices, and ethics.
  • Providing high quality programming and resources at a good value.
  • Encouraging community and collegiality within the archival and history communities and among their patrons and users.
  • Facilitating continuous skill improvement, professional development, and education.
  • Promoting the preservation, use and professional management of archival collections and institutions in the Mid-Atlantic region.


To provide archival advocacy and educational opportunities for MARAC members.


1. MARAC members will benefit from an organization that is dedicated to diversity, affordability, and collegiality, while upholding professionalism for the archival community.

Strategies include but are not limited to: 

  • Seek ways of increasing membership so that MARAC represents a diverse professional community.
  • Maintain organization's affordability by redirecting print publication expenses to electronic publications and seeking corporate sponsorships.
  • Increase and encourage active participation of the membership by announcing participation opportunities at every MARAC meeting, through the MARAC website and in MAA.
  • Enhance and demonstrate professionalism of members by contributing practical/scholarly articles to MAA.



2. MARAC members will have educational opportunities to advance their archival knowledge and skills.

Strategies include but are not limited to:

  • Diversify workshop offerings at conferences to give members expanded choices.
  • Seek opportunities to publish relevant and timely publications (technical leaflets, occasional papers, etc.) on new and emerging topics in archival enterprise.
  • Offer more scholarship awards to graduate students and new professionals in order to attend MARAC conferences and/or sponsored workshops.
  • Partner with other regional archival groups to host joint conferences.
  • Seek networking opportunities in MARAC and within state caucuses.
  • Review the current conference model to determine if it is meeting member needs.


3. MARAC members will demonstrate to the public the value of historical records, the archival profession and the importance of increased support for archival repositories.


Strategies include but are not limited to:

  • Increase awareness of archival issues and the profession by supporting and promoting Archives Week/Month activities.
  • Support disaster assistance efforts within the MARAC region.