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The Mid-Atlantic Archivist (ISSN 0738-9396) is the quarterly newsletter of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference. Deadlines for submissions are December 1 (winter issue), March 1 (spring issue), June 1 (summer issue), and September 1 (fall issue). Individual yearly (July 1 to June 30) membership dues of $45.00 include a subscription to the newsletter. Membership is not open to institutions, but institutions may purchase a subscription to the newsletter for $45.00 per year.

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Vol. 48 2019: Winter

Vol. 47 2018: Winter | Spring | Summer | Fall

Vol. 46 2017: Winter Spring | Summer | Fall

Vol. 45 2016: Winter Spring | Summer | Fall

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Occasional Papers and Symposia (PDF files)

Guidelines for Archives and Manuscript Repositories
Occasional Publication No. 2, 1983
(resources replacement pages updated 1997)

Charlene Bickford
The Coalition to Save Our Documentary Heritage
Occasional Publication No. 3, 1983

Mary Boccaccio, ed.
Constitutional Issues and Archives
Archival Symposia No. 1, 1988

Technical Leaflet Series (PDF Files)

Thomas E. Mills
Appraisal of Social Welfare Case Files. [obsolete]
Leaflet No. 1, 1989

Thomas Wilsted
Computing the Total Cost of Archival Processing
Leaflet No. 2, 1989

Bruce W. Dearstyne
Planning for Archival Programs: An Introduction
Leaflet No. 3, 1989

Mary Boccaccio and David W. Carmicheal
Processing Congressional Collections
Leaflet No. 4, 1989

Shawn Aubitz and Gail F. Stern
Developing Archival Exhibitions
Leaflet No. 5, 1990

David W. Carmicheal
Involving Volunteers in Archives
Leaflet No. 6, 1990

Kenneth Schlessinger and Marvin F. Russell
Identifying and Handling Classified Documents in Archives [obsolete]
Leaflet No. 7, 1992

James Gregory Bradsher and Bruce I. Ambacher
Archival Sampling: A Method of Appraisal and a Means of Retention
Leaflet No. 8, 1992

Peter Mustardo and Nora Kennedy
Photograph Preservation: Basic Methods of Safeguarding Your Collection
Leaflet No. 9, 1994

Kalpana Shankar
Understanding the Record-keeping Practices of Scientists
Leaflet No. 10, 1999

Susan Hamburger
Architectural Records: Arrangement, Description, and Preservation
Leaflet No. 11, 2004

Grace L. Barth, Laura Drake Davis, Amanda Mita
Digital Exhibitions: Concepts and Practices
Leaflet No. 12, 2018

Elizabeth Shepard
Compiling a Disaster Plan for Archival Collections
Leaflet No. 13, 2018

cover of Leaflet #2: Computing the Total Cost of Archival Processing, 1989