MARAC holds semi-annual conferences in the spring and fall, offering members professional development opportunities, guest presentations, tours, social events, and many ways to connect with fellow archivists.

In-person conferences normally take place over a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Thursdays are usually a day for pre-conference workshops as well as tours that highlight cultural institutions and organizations in the immediate area. Sessions on Friday and Saturday offer professional development and discussion on a wide variety of archival topics. Opportunities to connect with colleagues abound at state caucus meetings, receptions, the Saturday business meeting, and more. Conferences rotate among member states, ensuring members have a meeting nearby every few years.

MARAC, like many professional organizations, had to find alternative ways of gathering during the COVID-19 pandemic. After soliciting membership feedback, we continue to investigate new meeting models including virtual meetings and one-day symposia. These two meeting types are still coming into their own in the organization. Our virtual meetings are low-cost, flexible options for members to attend breakout sessions on archival topics. The virtual meetings also include tours and social events. In addition to virtual meetings, MARAC is investigating shorter symposia.These one-day meetings will investigate an archival topic closely in a convenient central MARAC location.

We Want to Hear from You!

Do you want to bring MARAC to your hometown or favorite city? Do you have an idea for a program session? Do you have any thoughts about what you would like to see or experience at an upcoming MARAC meeting? Contact the Chair of the Meetings Coordinating Committee.

Code of Conduct

MARAC is committed to providing a harassment-free environment for its members and others who participate in its conferences, events, and meetings. All attendees are required to comply with our Code of Conduct.