New Jersey Caucus Member Interviews

In honor of MARAC’s 50th anniversary in 2022, the New Jersey Caucus conducted oral histories with some of our members. Before starting this project, Melissa Ziobro, Specialist Professor of Public History at Monmouth University and President of the Oral History in the Mid-Atlantic Region (OHMAR), led the caucus in a virtual instruction session on the basics of oral history.

Elsalyn Palmisano
Elsalyn Palmisano was interviewed by Melissa Ziobro on June 6, 2022. During her interview, Elsalyn talked about her life and career of over fifty years. She has a long history with the New Jersey Caucus as she served as the New Jersey Caucus Representative from 1986-1988, and chaired the Local Arrangements Committee for the Spring 1993 Conference in Long Branch, New Jersey. She was also a founder of the Caucus Archival Projects Evaluation Service (CAPES), the consulting service conducted by the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference/New Jersey Caucus (MARAC/NJ). Elsalyn prepared over forty CAPES reports, many of them involving hospitals, public libraries, and local historical societies before serving as CAPES Coordinator from 2005-2006. An archival collection about Elsalyn’s work in archives and library preservation is held at the Monmouth County Archives.

Ronald Becker 
Ronald Becker was interviewed by Christie Lutz on August 16, 2022. Ron speaks about his journey to becoming an archivist and to becoming one of the founding members of MARAC. He also served as the Locals Arrangement Chair for the Fall 1974 Newark Conference, the New Jersey Caucus Representative from 1974-1976 and the MARAC Chair from 1975-1977. Ron’s remembrance of MARAC from the 25th anniversary of MARAC in 1997 can also be found here.

Alan Delozier and Laura Melbourne

Alan Delozier was interviewed by Laura Melbourne on July 27, 2022. Alan speaks about his career and many roles in MARAC, including as the New Jersey Caucus Representative from 2002-2004, as the Local Arrangements co-chair of the Spring 2012 meeting in Cape May, NJ, and Programming co-chair of the cancelled Fall 2020 Long Branch, NJ meeting. Alan then turns the table and interviews Laura, a new professional who is just starting her MARAC journey.

Frederic C. Pachman & Caucus Archival Projects Evaluation ServiceFrederic “Fred” C. Pachman’s interview was conducted by Melissa Ziobro on October 6, 2022. Fred became involved with MARAC in the mid-1980s and he speaks in this interview about the history and work of the Caucus Archival Projects Evaluation Service (CAPES). < >

Melissa Ziobro’s Introduction to Oral History for MARAC