Code of Conduct

The values delineated herein describe conduct based on a belief in the importance of civil discourse and the free exploration of ideas and concepts – with a fundamental respect for the rights, dignity and value of all persons.

MARAC does not tolerate harassment in any form. MARAC is committed to providing a harassment free environment for its members and others who participate in its conferences, events, meetings, formal mentoring relationships, and online spaces, regardless of age, color, creed, disability, family relationship, gender identity and expression, individual lifestyle, marital status, national origin, physical appearance, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

Harassment may include abusive verbal comments and/or discriminatory images in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, stalking, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention.

All participants are expected to observe these rules and behaviors in all conference venues, including online venues, and conference social events. Participants asked to stop a hostile or harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately. If an attendee continues to engage in harassing behavior, MARAC conference coordinators will take action in any form they deem appropriate, up to and including expulsion from the conference with no refund and/or notification of law enforcement authorities.

If you feel that you are in immediate danger at any time during the MARAC meeting or related event, contact law enforcement (by dialing 911) or the facility front desk without delay. If you are not in immediate danger but feel that you are being harassed or that someone else is being harassed, or if you have other concerns, please immediately contact the MARAC Chair or the Local Arrangements co-chairs. All MARAC officers can be contacted with assistance from the volunteer staff at the Registration Desk.

Conference participants seek to learn, network and have fun. Please do so responsibly and with respect for the right of others to do likewise.

This policy is based on the SAA Code of Conduct which in turn is based on the US OpenGLAM Friendly Space Policy, which in turn is based on the Geek Feminism Wiki sample policy.


Adopted April 20, 2017